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A few months ago, we reached out to Junior Enterprises Portugal and it all began.

Hello! I am Madalena, the current President of NOMA Marketing Consulting and today I am telling you the story of our rebranding.

I have been part of this organisation for three and a half years, so I can say without a doubt I know it like the back of my hand. While this is an awesome characteristic of a President, it sometimes keeps me from seeing how far we have come.

A few months ago, we reached out to Junior Enterprises Portugal and it all began. We started to understand the full potential of being a Junior Enterprise, their expertise in guiding entities such as ours in a steep path of development. As we saw all this, we realised our current positioning, image and even name were not at the same level as our ambitions.

We had to change. To move away from the past idea of “Club” towards the current reality of “consulting firm”.

To start things off, the name. For years we thought about changing the name without having a good idea. Then Anne came along and simply suggested joining NOva and MArketing to make it NOMA. Perfect, short and to the point. We became NOMA Marketing Consulting, showcasing what our core is about (in case you are wondering, technically we are called Nova Marketing Marketing Consulting, but that is just how much we love the big M).

With the name comes the brand, where we had help from the incredible team at Nova SBE, Carmo Andrade e Ana Castela, who balanced the traditional aspects of consulting and the creativity of Marketing students (I am quite biased, but I believe they nailed it). The logo is a visual representation of our values, and the colours represent the two sides of NOMA: the sobriety of teal for consulting, and the vibrance of orange for creativity.

See it here!


Bright Lisbon Agency (BLA), a Junior Initiative such as ourselves, joined the game and designed our communication supports. During the Summer, we went through the creative process with them and reached what you see today on our social media and physical presence.

Our Brand & Content team, Mariana and Lucas, following BLA’s footsteps, created our fresh digital presence. Joana Alves, a NOMA Alumni, created our videos, which we believe to perfectly translate our overall journey.

I have many people to thank during this entire process, but one cannot go unnamed. Beatriz, brought her expertise in Communication into this rebranding and was my helping hand through the entire process.

And of course, thank you to all the members, present and past, who are the foundation of what we have been able to reach.

As current President and soon to be Alumni, I look proudly to what I know NOMA Marketing Consulting will achieve.

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