Hands-on Experience

You will have professional experience in Strategic Marketing Consulting projects. We replicate a professional environment and from the first day, you will be in direct contact with clients and must learn how to work in these situations.

Development of Soft & Hard Skills

Internal workshops are exclusive seminars or discussions for members of NOMA. These can be about specific areas of Marketing (SEO, Branding, Google Ads, Creativity) or about the different careers members can follow after leaving Nova SBE.

Job Opportunities

NOMA has exclusive events with industry leading companies in different areas and allows you to get in contact with recruiters and HR managers. We host events with Alumni that are working in Consulting, Marketing and Project Management in order to give you tips in starting a career.

Networking Moments​

Our large network of alumni is available to all the members of NOMA. They assist the current members in more challenging projects and in their career choices. Alumni Breakfast are private meetings, where 3 or 4 members are invited to share an early meal with an industry professional

Leadership Experience

As you progress in the hierarchy and have more responsibility (a team to manage, an event to plan, a project to deliver), you will develop unique skills. If you still haven’t, NOMA will help you find your working preferences, your leadership style, teach you how to behave under pressure and how to fix your mistakes.

Event Organisation

Marketing Wave is an annual event fully dedicated to marketing organized by NOMA. It promotes networking moments and knowledge exchange between professionals and students. As a NOMA member you have the chance to help organizing this event at NOVA SBE.


Who are we looking for?

NOVA SBE Students who show…

  • Passion for Marketing and Strategy Consulting
  • Commitment and professionalism to NOMA, its members and its clients,
  • Desire to share knowledge and learn from all peers,
  • Willingness to work in a team and communicate openly.

What can you do?

Start as...

  • Project Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Department Member

Continue as...

  • Department Head
  • Project Supervisor
  • Part of Presidency

Recruitment Process


Application Form

The first step is to fill an online form. We mainly want to get to know your background and motivations.


Group Dynamics

In this phase, you are grouped with other candidates to discuss a Marketing case study and present it to a panel of judges. The emphasis is not on the complexity of the case but rather on Marketing instinct and behaviour towards other candidates.



The last step consists in a interview with two NOMA members.  

The Process consists of two parts:

Fit Interview

To access your leadership, teamwork and personal traits and understand if you and NOMA are a good match. You don’t have to prepare for this section, we will only ask about yourself!

Technical Interview

To access your knowledge in Strategy and Marketing. It can be useful to lightly prepare for this section as it is more technical, remembering the questions will be adapted to your likely level of expertise.

Where are our Alumni?