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Marketing Wave Organizers


Introduction by Joana Martins

NOMA’S annual event, the Marketing Wave, took place on the 20th and 21st of April, gathering students, teachers, and professionals. Topics like sustainability, the online shift, social media, and green beauty were discussed, among others. With insightful workshops and a tremendous amount of inspiration, everyone left wiser and more curious!

After the success of this year’s Marketing Wave, we decided to share with you the thoughts of those who organized it. Take a look at what they have to say about their work, the results, and the personal growth they took out of it.

Mariana Reis, Head of Marketing Wave

Organizing the Marketing Wave was the best experience I’ve had at NOMA. I would even go as far as to say, the best experience I had during my master’s degree at Nova. Leading a team of nine people, connecting with companies, working alongside Nova, managing the event in times of a pandemic… was a great adventure!

The goal has always been to create a bigger and better event than the last year edition. Not only was this goal achieved, but I came out of this experience with memories and people that I will carry with me for life – and this is ultimately the reason why I will always remember Marketing Wave.

Tiago Madruga, Head of Marketing Wave

An amazing experience full of great speakers/talks and accomplished by a great team. I leave NOMA with my heart full of wonderful memories and nice people. The best advice I can give you is to #catchmarketingwave next year.

Carolina Gomes Costa, Head of Marketing Wave

Organizing an event like Marketing Wave was one of the best experiences in my life. Although it was a challeging path, we did  a memorable event. I truly believe that Marketing Wave will keep growing and one day will be one of the best Marketing events in Portugal. I am so proud of our team, without them this would not be possible.

Joana Pechirra, Head of Communications

Marketing Wave was the most challenging, yet enriching experience, as when I started, I had no experience in the field of communications, while at the end I had with me an extraordinary baggage of knowledge.

Filipa Silva, Head of Logistics

The most challenging and rewarding experience I have ever lived. Throughout these months, it was possible to see how teamwork, commitment, and motivation, together, build great things.

Marta Magalhães, Head of Content

Marketing Wave 2021. 2 days. Over 20 speakers. More than 2000 tickets sold.

But it wouldn’t have been possible without the passion of 10 people, who worked every day to make the MW 2021 a memorable Marketing Event. I am incredibly proud to say I was part of this team.

We started planning last semester in 2020, but of course not everything went according to plan. Plans changed and we had to adapt and overcome the obstacles we faced along the way. Was it easy? Of course not, but the challenge only drove us to do it bigger and better.

Leading the content department of the Marketing Wave was a true pleasure. And receiving positive feedback from the speakers and participants only made all the sweat and tears worthwhile.

I’m ready to catch another wave in 2022.

Rebeca Balahura, Communication Team

A truly amazing experience, where sharing, communicating, and team-working were the main factors that make all challenges, obstacles and setbacks be exceeded!

Adriana Pomante, Logistics Team

Marketing Wave was as challenging as it was rewarding and exceeded all my expectations. The amazing and supporting people in the team contributed to making it an unforgettable experience!

Marta Pardal, Content Team

A truly enriching experience that proved the importance of teamwork in making such a great event come to life.

Giacomo Fulgione, Communications Team

Marketing Wave was a crucial experience to understand what Marketing is, the approach that companies operating in this field have, and how this sphere of business adapts to the “new normal.” Participating in this series of conferences has stimulated my curiosity, interest in Marketing and made me understand how to direct my career. If you are a curious person who wants to discover more about the realities surrounding us, you cannot miss the opportunity to participate in Marketing Wave!


After reading these reviews, we’re already excited for next year’s Marketing Wave!

What about you? Ready to #catchmarketingwave in 2022?

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